Black Dating Advice | Do’s and Don’ts of Black Dating

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We surveyed 200 black men and 200 black women to get this black dating advice for you. This is completely straight from the horses mouth, and we went around the nation to get this information. Read more about what they say and about black dating advice.

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Black Dating Advice – Do’s and Don’ts

When we sought out the information to collect about black dating advice, we wanted to make sure we unearthed every piece of advice that was common among both men and women. We took over 400 responses from around the world and even put in our own piece of advice and compiled this massage list of black dating advice that you can take home. Follow this black dating advice carefully and you will be sure to have a long and healthy relationship. This is for both men and women, so listen up!

Don’t: Do not be late for your date or have to cancel or reschedule your date on more than one occasion. We know that life can get busy, but canceling on someone twice is just rude. One of the black respondents from Atlanta says that, “Once you find out you need to cancel, do it immediately in a call or text message. Nobody likes to be rejected last minute.”

Do: Pay for the bill if you are a man. On the first date, the man should always pay for the bill. Don’t be stubborn or try to split the bill. It is not only cheesy, but it really makes you look bad. Tyrone from Washington DC says, “I’m ashamed of my fellow black friends who say they split the bill. They’re grown men!”

Don’t: Do not expect something out of the night just because you paid for the bill. Tyra from New Orleans says: “If you think they you paid for the bill and you should get sex in return, you should get a prostitute.”

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Don’t: Do not get completely drunk and smashed by yourself. It can be fun if you are both drunk and having fun, but being the only one drunk makes you look really bad. It is just fine to let go and have a drink to loosen up, but if you go overboard it really sends a bad message on the first date. If you want good black dating advice, either learn how to hold you liquor or don’t get completely wasted.