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Black dating can be fun and exciting if you have every tried it online. Before it used to be weird to do online black dating, but now since more and more people are doing it, it has become the norm. Read about the online black dating etiquette that you should follow.

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Online Black Dating
It used to be a social stigma to try online black dating. Back in the day, you used to hide the fact that you were trying to find a black soul mate online. People generally thought you were desperate and lonely. So desperate that you could not do black dating in real life. Now this is not the case anymore. With such a busy lifestyle and with not enough hours in the day, more and more black singles are headed to their computers to try online black dating. There are some unwritten rules that you must follow when on these black dating sites. Not abiding by these rules won’t land you in jail or anything, but it may get you outcasted from black dating sites because you will find that you’ll get less and less responses from people and or terrible experiences when meeting up with your black date.

1. Have a Real Picture of Yourself. When on these online black dating sites, you’ll see that many people will put pictures that do not really depict themselves. Not as far as going to putting your cousins picture up or anything like that, but just using pictures where it is shot from an angle or where only one side of you shows. Real talk, there have been stories around where some girls would use fake pictures on the black dating site and when they show up, they are actually a midget or just grossly different from what they described themselves to be.

2. Be Genuine. By that we mean to not put fake interests on your black dating profile just to pique the interest of other people. Just be yourself and you don’t have to front.

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3. Embrace Yourself. If you do not love yourself then nobody else will. This sounds cliché, but that is how it goes. Embrace yourself and love every bit of yourself. If you’re a bit big boned in areas then embrace it. Some people actually love that. But if you do not like something about yourself then try to do something to change it and keep working on it until you achieve it. Black dating is all about loving yourself so that someone else can bask in on the love as well. If you do not embrace the qualities that you have, it will show in your black dating profile and will be very obvious when you finally go and have a date with someone from the online black dating site.

All in all, the tips and etiquette all have a similar message. Be yourself, have fun, be genuine, and you do not have to front.

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