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Black Dating Women

Date Black Guy | Things You Should Know

You want to date black guy but you should know these things before you start dating black guys. Learn more about some tips and tricks about black men that you should know if you want to date a black guy.

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Date Black Guy
If you are a black women or even if you are not African-american but find black guys attractive, you should know a few things about black guys that make them different from other men. We are not talking about the stereotypical things that you hear about black men when you date black guy. More of the characteristics of black guys that set them apart from other guys. Do not think of this as generalizing because it may not hold true to all black guys, but for the most part, most black men will agree.

The first thing about dating black guys is that you need to be genuine. Black guys in particular do not like women who are phony or fake. Those are usually the type of women that they hate. If the black guy is looking for a real relationship that will be the first turn off about women that they will find unattractive. Keep this in mind if you are considering a date with a black guy.

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The solution is to just be yourself. If you are not black, do not put up a front and try to “act black” if you do not normally do so. For example, if you usually do not talk like you are from the ghetto or hood, do not patronize black guys. A lot of women will try to be on the same level and relate with a black man when they date black guy and talk about how much they like rap, hip hop, R and B, and start talking in slang that they normally do not talk in. This will turn off your date in no time flat. It does not take long for a black guy to realize what you are doing. Instead, embrace your differences. The reason that the black guy is on a date with you is probably because of the differences that he sees and some qualities that he may like. This is important if you want to take it past that second date with a date black guy for the night.

If you have a hard time finding similarities and common interests, then you are probably not compatible. Forcing compatible interests and faking it will only take you so far. You may be able to pull it off for a few dates, but it will catch on soon. Then the black guy will realize that he was only attracted to those fake qualities and not want to be with you any more. In the long run, if you want to date black guy, just be yourself and do not put up a front.

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