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White Male Celebrities Who Date Black Women

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Here is a list of white male celebrities who date black women. There is more than you think and some celebrities that will surprise you. Keep reading to see all the white male celebrities who date black women.

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White Male Celebrities Who Date Black Women
This list of celebrities who date black women will surprise you and some you probably already know. There seems to be more actors in the celebrity world who date black women than there is musicians. Interracial dating should not be an issue at all and it is good to see some celebrities who are breaking down the walls and being pioneers. For example, see the list of white male celebrities who date black women:

Robert De Niro has been married to a black women for a number of years already. Many people do not know this but it is true. Grace Hightower is his second wife and she is a beautiful black woman.

Justin Chambers

Matt Stone

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Justin Timberlake date Janet Jackson for a while. Remember the whole nip slip “wardrobe malfunction” incident that happened during the Superbowl.

The musician Carlos Santana is also dating a black woman. Her name is Deborah King.

David Bowie is also married to a black woman named Iman.

Brad Pitt also dated Robin Givens for a short time but their relationship was never in the public as much as his relationship with Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie.

George Clooney dated a black women and they even lived together for a year.

It’s important to get past any issues that are revolving around interracial dating. You should not have feelings of shame or embarrassment when in a interracial relationship. Being comfortable in an interracial relationship allows you to have control of your relationship and not let other people tell you how you should be. These are just a few white male celebrities who date black women. Do you know of any more?

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