Thursday 26th November 2015,
Black Dating Women

White Women That Only Date Black Men

What is it about white women that only date black men? Are you one of those white women or know someone like that? Looking for white women? Read about what our users have to say about white women that only date black men.

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So What Is It About White Women That Only Date Black Men?
The truth is that some white women are just plain and simply only attracted to black men. It could be the way they were raised up, the environment where they grew up, and just the people that they hung out with. We interviewed 50 white women who claim that they only date black men. Then we interviewed a random sample of 50 black men who do not exclusively date black or white women and are open minded. Finally, we also asked 50 black women how they felt about white women that only date black men. We wanted to know if they felt as if the white women were taking away their black men. Find out more and keep reading.

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When we asked the white women who only dated black men why they only wanted black men, here is what they had to say. About half of them said that they would exclusively only date black men while the other half said they were open to other cultures and races, but strongly preferred black men. A handful of the respondents said that they will not even give a man a chance if he wasn’t black. The reason they gave were about various characteristics and features about black men such as their physical features or the way they were in bed and also how they treated their women.

The black men who responded to our survey said that although they do like the attention from white women, they think they people should be more open minded as a whole. More than three fourths of the black men say that they have dated a white women before or have desires to do so in the future. The remaining one fourth said they were open to the idea but did not have a chance to do so in the recent past.

The black women that were surveyed about their opinions about white women that only date black men were mixed in opinion. About a third felt that the white women were taking away from the pool of good black men. But on the same hand, they also admitted that they may be a bit jaded or bitter about love because of a past relationship. Most of the black women seem open to the idea but think that the white women should not only date black men, but should be more open-minded and date other people. They do understand the attraction factor about only wanting to date black men.

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